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FELIWAY Classic Spray helps calm and reduce stress on-the-go, while also providing additional support at home. Makes travel and visits to the vet less stressful. Allows convenient and targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with spraying or scratching in your home. Buy now See how to use How to use FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray Watch o FELIWAY Optimum Diffuser . FELIWAY Optimum is a new pheromone discovery, and the best FELIWAY solution to help reduce all signs of stress for cats, such as scratching, urine spraying, tensions & conflicts between cats, fears, & reactions to changes Feliway Spray contains synthetic facial cat pheromones that cats emit and leave naturally by rubbing their face and cheeks against objects or people when they feel calm and comfortable and in marking their environment. The product helps reduce stress and calms down your cat during vet visits, while traveling, or if moving to another home Feliway Spray (60ml) - Synthetic carming spray, Comforts & Reassures Cats in New Homes by William Hunter Equestrian 2,441 $18 99 Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 14 FREE Shipping Feliway New 20 ml Spray Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief Urine Spraying Scratching 35 Save 15% $19 48 $22.98 Lowest price in 30 days Get it Wed, Oct 13 - Thu, Oct 1 Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air: happy messages. Using feline natural reassuring messages, FELIWAY helps your cat happily adjust to pace of modern life, ensures full happiness and avoids signs like urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding. Learn more DOES YOUR CAT SOMETIMES Pee outside litter box? Scratch

Feliway Spray provides happy messages by mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages (pheromones) to make cats feel calm and comfortable at home. This product has been found to reduce scratching, spraying, and hiding for 90% of cats, and many owners see results within 7 days FELIWAY Classic Spray (60 ml) $24.99 Free Shipping FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray offers calming on-the-go and additional support at home. Makes travel and visits to the vet less stressful Allows convenient and targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with urine or scratching in your home Easy on-the-go Utilizando el mensaje que les tranquiliza de forma natural, FELIWAY ayuda a que tu gato se adapte mucho mejor a la vida moderna, restablece sus comportamientos de felicidad y evita los signos de estrés que demuestra marcando con orina en spray, arañando o escondiéndose. Más información Tu gato aveces orina fuera del arenero? Araña los muebles One of the perks of using the Feliway spray is that it tends to reduce the scratching and stress issues in felines. Felines have a scratching issue, they like to scratch their claws to sharpen their nails. Plus, feline scratches when something is bothering her, or she is in deep stress or anxiety

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  3. Feliway Pheromone Spray can be a great way to calm your cat and reduce territory marking, scratching, and fighting, as long as your pets are sensitive to the synthetic pheromones. Feliway states that the classic spray is best to help calm cats during travel, and as a supplement to curb other unwanted behavior
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Spray calmant pour chats 20 ml Feliway [ProductPage.InStoreOnly] Description Le vaporisateur FELIWAY® Classic offre un apaisement lors des déplacements et un soutien supplémentaire à la maison. - Il rend les voyages et les visites chez le vétérinaire moins stressants Feliway Spray is a synthetic product that mimics the facial pheromones of cats and is applied to surfaces and other objects as a spray as opposed to being applied using diffusers or wipes. The pheromones are not detectable to humans but cats exposed to them typically experience calmness, familiarity and security Feliway Spray. Feliway Spray is ideal for traveling in the cat carrier when visiting to the vet, holidaying or use in the cattery. If you are experiencing behaviour problems such as vertical scratching or urine marking, the spray can be used directly on these marks alongside the diffuser

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Feliway, el secreto de los gatos felices! Evita esos comportamientos indeseados que hace tu gato. Presentación en spray de 60 ml. Feliway consiste en una copia sintética de la feromona facial felina, que es la que los gatos utilizan para marcar su territorio como una zona segura 7.3 oz (219 mL) The effect of Feliway ® Spray lasts 4 to 5 hours. Each 20 mL bottle delivers about 125 sprays (+/-) Feliway ® is designed especially for cats, is non-sedative and has no effect on people or any other animals. Feliway ® can be used alongside traditional medications

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Feliway Spray 60Ml. Feliway Spray 60Ml - od 64 ,29 zł. Ceva Feliway Wkład Dyfuzora 48Ml - od 75 ,99 zł. Feliway Kocie Feromony Zestaw Startowy - od 110 ,00 zł. Feliway spray 20ml - od 72 ,80 zł. Feliway Spray 2X60Ml - od 204 ,80 zł. Feliway wkład uzupełniający 2x48ml - od 154 ,80 zł. Feliway Wkład Uzupełniający 24Ml - od 109 ,00 zł Feliway Spray offers a targeted, effective, non-drug solution you can use virtually anywhere at home and on the go! - Targeted calming pheromone therapy perfect for travel and veterinarian visits. - Helps control urine spraying, inappropriate scratching, and other unwanted behaviors. - Pheromone spray for cat bedding, toys, collars, kennel. Directions: Simply spray on doorways, cat-flaps, window sills and prominent objects around the house. For areas which have already been scratched or urine marked, clean marked areas thoroughly, then once dry, apply FELIWAY Spray. During car journeys or when going to the vet, spray directly in your cat's carrier Feliway New 20 ml Spray Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief Urine Spraying Scratching. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 29. $24.48. $24. . 48. FREE Shipping. Only 5 left in stock - order soon FELIWAY® Spray. Calming product for cats. Description. FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray offers calming on-the-go and additional support at home. It makes travel and visits to the vet less stressful, and allows convenient and targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with urine or scratching in your home. FELIWAY Spray_V5.0.pdf (118.97 kB

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Feliway Spray (60ml) - Synthetic carming spray, Comforts & Reassures Cats in New Homes by William Hunter Equestrian 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,427 $32.50 $ 32 . 50 $34.92 $34.9 Spray 8 to 10 pumps of Feliway® 15 minutes before the cat is introduced into the sprayed environment (car, carrier, bedding, table for medical examination, etc.). Effects should last approximately 4 to 5 hours, although each animal will respond differently. Reapply after this time or if you notice a reduced effect FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray is the original cat pheromone spray to reassure cats and kittens during car travel and veterinary visits and to help control unwanted behaviours like urine spraying and scratching in the home. Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners worldwide for over 20 years, more than 14 million cats have benefitted from FELIWAY cat pheromone products Our calming Feliway pheromone diffusers are clinically proven, vet recommended and are drug and odor free. For in-home use, our starter kit includes a Feliway diffuser plug in with a 30 day supply (48 ml). If you travel with your cat, our Feliway Classic Spray provides stress relieve on the go with our 60 ml of feline facial pheromone travel spray

フェリウェイは、世界中で広く愛用されている、猫のフェイシャルフェロモンF3類縁化合物を含む製品です。. フェイシャルフェロモンF3は猫の頬から分泌され、猫が生活環境内にある物、人、他の動物などに慣れ親しんでいることを示すためにこすりつける. FELIWAY Classic Calming Spray 4.1 out of 5 stars 11,263. $13.91 - $43.38 #10. Pet Naturals of Vermont 30 Count Calming Behavioral Support Soft Chews for Dogs and Cats 3.9 out of 5 stars 9,849. $7.00 - $16.94 #11. SENTRY PET CARE Calming Collar for Cat Feliway Spray, 60 ml. Check Price. Bottom Line. The top-seller and most effective Feliway product that has helped calm the stress of many cats and their owners. Pros. Feliway's original cat-calming formula consisting of pheromones that help reduce stress and correct behavioral problems

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  1. g facial pheromone that cats release when they rub their faces on things. When sprayed on items at nose level, it can help cats in the vicinity feel more calm and reduce territorial, stress-related negative behaviors. When sprayed on furniture or carpet that your cat is scratching or urinating on inappropriately.
  2. This FELIWAY Classic Diffuser Refill includess six refill vials (diffuser sold separately). You should plug your diffuser in the room (s) where your cat spends the most time - each diffuser covers up to 700 sq. feet. Make sure your diffuser isn't covered by curtains, or behind furniture. Each refill can last up to 30 days
  3. utes to allow alcohol to evaporate. Reapply every 4 to 5 hours as needed. Each 20 mL bottle contains up to 20 applications. 3 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for FELIWAY Classic Cal
  4. Feliway verspricht viel, doch was kann das Produkt wirklich? Wir haben für diesen Beitrag recherchiert, wie genau Feliway wirkt. Wir haben Katzenhalter zu ihren Erfahrungen befragt und die Katzenpsycho Wiebke Kronz interviewt, die das Spray im Rahmen ihrer Beratungen einsetzt

A Feliway spray and a placebo solution spray were tested in two different consultation rooms. During the first phase, Feliway spray was applied to the examination table of one room and the placebo spray in the other. After a washout period of 15 days the spray allocation was switched This is the same great product as Feliway Spray, but in a diffuser, so you can plug it in and allow each diffuser to produce a calmer feline atmosphere over a 700 square foot area. If you are looking for help decreasing aggression between the cats in your multi-cat household, consider trying Feline Multicat The Facts About Feliway Feline Pheromone Spray. Here's the short answer: Feliway may help, but it doesn't have the 9 out of 10 success rate the package promises. After years of accepting Feliway as a tried-and-true solution for feline stress and anxiety, I finally decided to sit down and do the research for myself

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Feliway also makes calming sprays for on-the-go use. The difference between Feliway's spray and that of Comfort Zone is the former needs to be reapplied every four to five hours. To add, it seems that with Feliway, you need to take certain precautions before using it Feliway is used to stop or to prevent urinary marking by the cat. Feliway Spray is also used to comfort the cat in an unknown or stressful environment (cage, car, boarding, new house, etc). The Feliway Pheromone Spray may be used in other specific cases and we advise you to discuss the use of the product with your veterinarian Which Feliway diffuser is best? Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In. Is feliway available at Walmart? Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser & Refill, 48 mL - Walmart.com - Walmart.com. Does PetSmart carry feliway? Feliway® Spray: Classic Formula Cat Calming Spray | PetSmart. What is the best cat calming product? Best Sellers in. FELIWAY® Spray. Synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone 100 mg/mL in 89.2% ethanol. Pheromones are chemical messengers used for communication between members of a species. The pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species

Feliway Spray for Cats. Feliway spray can be used to help manage behavioural problems like scratching and urine spraying. It can also be used to help reduce your cats stress levels during travel and trips to the vet. Helps reduce your cats stress levels. Helps manage marking behaviours like scratching and urine spraying. Odourless and easy to use Product Description. Feliway Classic Spray uses a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheremone used by cats when they feel safe and secure to help ease and calm them. Feliway helps your cat feel more relaxed and eliminates unwanted behaviors caused by stress. *This product cannot be shipped to AK or HI Feliway Classic Spray 60 ml Características. Hace los viajes y visitas al veterinario menos estresantes. Permite un manejo adecuado y localizado de las zonas marcadas por tu gato con orina o arañazos en casa. Fácil para viajar. Durante los viajes en coche o las visitas al veterinario, pulverizar directamente dentro del transportín. Fácil. Feliway Classic Spray Professional Pack 219 ml Feliway® is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone which studies have shown that it reassures and comforts cats, helping them cope with environmental changes or other stressful situations. Used to prevent vertical scratching, urine spraying, and tensions in cats..

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Spray Feliway umożliwia Ci spryskanie mebli, dywanów oraz innych obszarów w Twoim domu. Wystarczy potrzasnąć butelkę i raz dziennie rozpylić spray Feliway na drzwi, kuwety, parapety, zarysowania zrobione przez kota oraz inne obiekty znajdujące się w Twoim domu Classic Feliway is an exact replication of the familiarization facial pheromone in cats. When your cat rubs her cheeks on an object, a behavior called bunting, she is rubbing this pheromone on the object. It's your cat's way of saying, 'this is mine, this is my space, I feel safe here.'. Classic Feliway comes in plug-in diffuser formulations.

Feliway is the better option out of these two diffusers, mainly because it's clinically proven to work in nine out of 10 cats and it gets more positive reviews than the Comfort Zone. It also covers a larger area of your home. The Comfort Zone diffuser does offer better value for the money for the initial diffuser and refill pack Cat pheromone. A cat pheromone is a chemical molecule, or compound, that is used by cats and other felids for communication. These pheromones are produced and detected specifically by the body systems of cats and evoke certain behavioural responses. Cat pheromones are commonly released through the action of scent rubbing

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Feliway Classic Spray Key Features: The Feliway cat calming spray with pheromones is easy to use. It is recommended by most veterinarians to help cats adjust to stressful situations. The spray contains a drug-free solution or synthetic facial pheromones that is calming for cats. It lasts up to 5 hours. The 60mL bottle can be used up to 50 times Feliway Spray for Cats. Feliway Spray quickly puts an end to stress-related behavior like cat urine marking and inappropriate scratching. Use Feliway to treat surfaces your pet has already marked, as well as prominent objects that could be future targets. It also helps comfort your cat in new or stressful environments such as the veterinarian's. FELIWAY Spray 20 mL - Reassures Cats During Car Travel, Veterinary Visits & Helps Control Unwanted Urine Spraying & Cat Scratching (FELIWAY Spray 2810, 20mL Spray, 1-Pack) 3.9 out of 5 stars 1,035. FELIWAY Classic Calming Diffuser Refill. 4.6 out of 5 stars 505. $168.89 $ 168. 89

Feliway products range in price from around $10 for wipes and small travel sprays up to around $40 to $50 for diffusers and refills or large spray bottles. FAQ Q 30001. Feliway Spray can be used on specific objects, in temporary environments, and as a supplement to Feliway Diffuser. Feliway Spray can be used to assist in behavioural management of cats such as scratching or urine spraying problems. It is also useful to reduce cat anxiety during stressful sitautions such as car travel or cattery stays Feliway Friends/Multicat is the best type to use to reduce conflict in multi-cat households with the help of feline appeasement hormones. FeliScratch by Feliway is recommended for use to prevent inappropriate scratching while the Feliway Classic Spray is the best type to use before travel, during vet visits, or if you're moving to another. FELIWAY Spray 20mL Feliway Spray is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. By mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment Características do Feliway Zylkene Classic spray anti-stress: - Solução eficaz e natural para acalmar o seu gato com feromonas. - Eficaz em 9 em cada 10 gatos. - Efeito não sedativo. - Uso no ninho, na gaiola, no saco ou no seu carro. - Feito em França. Para cada problema, uma solução de gato Feliway

A Feliway spray and a placebo solution spray were tested in two different consultation rooms. During the first phase, Feliway spray was applied to the examination table of one room and the placebo spray in the other. After a washout period of 15 days the spray allocation was switched. After the first 15 mins of general questioning and physical. FELIWAY SPRAY łagodzi stres kota/FEROMONY 60 ml. od Super Sprzedawcy. Rodzaj. spray. 60,30 zł. z kurierem. 67,29 zł z dostawą. dostawa we wtorek. 4 osoby kupiły

The Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser & Refill is designed to help reduce unwanted behaviors and make our cats feel happier and more secure. We like the fact that this diffuser is so easy to use. Simply plug it in and leave it to work its magic. Replace the refill once every 4 weeks, and that's it Geschreven bij Feliway Spray 20 ML. Een makkelijk aan te brengen middel om te zorgen dat je huisdier zich wat prettiger voelt. Doordat het een spray is die je op de directe omgeving aanbrengt i.p.v. op je huisdier, is het veel minder belastend voor de kat dan pilletjes of druppels die door het eten of op het dier zelf aangebracht moeten worden

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Feliway Spray De 60ml Ceva Sistema De Terapia Para Gatos. 218 reais con 74 centavos R$ 218. , 74. Feliway Classic Ceva Spray - 60 Ml. 254 reaisR$ 254. Feliway Classic Spray Ceva 60ml Feromônio. 251 reais con 90 centavos R$ 251. Find honest and helpful reviews for Feliway Classic Calming Spray for Cats at Chewy.com. Read what other Chewy lovers have to say about our pet products, plus enjoy FREE shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service Feliway Spray wurde speziell dafür entwickelt, um nach der Diagnose und unter Begleitung eines Tierarztes angewendet zu werden. Bevor Sie dieses Produkt bestellen können, müssen Sie erst Folgendes bestätigen: Ihr Haustier wurde von einem Tierarzt untersucht, der dieses Produkt aufgrund von seiner Diagnose empfohlen hat

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Feliway Classic Anti-Stress Spray til katte (Katte, Træningshjælpemidler, Anti-Stress) 20 ml. FELIWAYCLASSICSpray hjælper roligt reducere s. 280 kr. inkl. fragt. 119 kr Feliway Spray ist ideal für den Einsatz auf bestimmten Plätzen im Haus und an Orten, wo der Feliway Zerstäuber nicht eingesetzt werden kann. Zum Beispiel, im Auto, in der Transportbox oder beim Tierarzt. Feliway Spray kann dem Zerstäuber eingesetzt oder als zusätzliche Behandlung, z. B. beim Katzenklo verwendet werden Feliway Spray 60ml/ Calmante Gatos. Vendido por Veterinaria La Hacienda. 1095 pesos$ 1.095

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Sprej Feliway: Vhodný doplněk k difuzéru. Postříkejte přímo povrchy interiéru, kde se kočka pohybuje, aby se cítila v bezpečí. Náplň Felliway: Ekonomická náplň pro difuzér Felliway. Prohlédněte si naší nabídku ostatních výrobků pro péči o kočku, aby byla Vaše kočka vždy v dobré kondici. Zpět na začátek Feliway is pricey - with each plug setting folks back $40, a six-pack of refills running over $80 on Amazon, and the spray costing around $20/bottle. One plug diffuser covers around 700 square feet, according to the manufacturers, and the refill lasts one month Description. DESCRIPTION. Feliway 60 ml Spray is clinically proven to help reduce spraying, scratching, hiding and other stress-related behaviors. Feliway travel spray product calms and comforts your cat by mimicking natural feline pheromones. Drug and Odor free. #1 Vet recommended and used Feliway Travel Spray 20 ml. (1 reseña del cliente) 12,45 € 11,95 €. Feliway Travel Spray la solución para que tu gato se sienta y seguro durante los desplazamientos al veterinario o durante un viaje. Feliway Travel Spray 20 ml cantidad. SKU: CE-FELW-CLAS-TR-SP-20 Categorías: Comportamiento y control del estrés, Gatos Feliway Classic Spray (60 ml) Feliway Classic Spray inneholder en feromonløsning som brukes til å kontrollere og forebygge, slik at katten ikke opplever redsel og uro. Produktet kan for eksempel brukes ved transport og sprayes rett inn i transportburet. Feliway er en feromonløsning som er en syntetisk variant av kattens ansiktsferomon If you are a Feliway user, you've seen how the effects of pheromones can help soothe your cat during stressful situations. Whether you are on vacation, just moved to a new home, have multiple cats in the household, or just got a new kitten, you may notice your cat experience stress